Biological engineering equipment
Biological fertilizer fermentation tank

Harbin Shun Cheng innovation and technology to provide bacteria, fertilizer production technology, technology and production formula and equipment turnkey project,

1. Agricultural microbial strains and production technology and equipment, including: Bacillus subtilis, huge bacillus, Bacillus cereus, line bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, Rhizobium, authigenic nitrogen fixing bacteria strain and its production process and equipment.

2 rice seedling formulation and production technology equipment. Including pollution-free rice seedling and bio chemical seedling by microbial production.

3 rice seedling seedling biological prevention agent production process and equipment.

4 rice seedbed microbial compound fertilizer production process and equipment get married.

5 green rice composite microbial tillering fertilizer production process and equipment.

Production technology and equipment of 6 crop disease resistant and immune microorganism compound fertilizer, including corn, rice, soybean and economic crop disease resistant immune microbial compound fertilizer.

7 water soluble fertilizer production technology and equipment, including organic and inorganic fertilizer and fertilizer.

8 herbicides antidote biological production technology and equipment.

9 agent production process and equipment: control of corn smut, soybean root rot, rice root promoting seed dressing agent.

10 organic inorganic compound fertilizer, mixed fertilizer production technology and equipment.

11 long-term free technology and equipment for the production of special fertilizer topdressing.

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