Beer brewing equipment
Fine brewing beer equipment

Fine beer equipment is a hotel, barbecue restaurants, restaurants, bars and other food and beverage entertainment places to produce their own beer for the guests to enjoy the ideal choice. Our company produces the craft beer equipment appearance elegant luxury, covers an area of small, not only has the advantages of high ornamental value, can also allow guests to visually see the whole process of beer production and experience of beer culture profound connotation.

Characteristics of the craft brewing equipment is now brewing drink, maximally keep the beer natural freshness and nutrition, rich in more than 17 kinds of amino acid, which contains eight kinds of essential for the body and not the synthesis of amino acids, and more than 11 kinds of vitamins, especially some B vitamins in food and other less; and winemaker can according to the different tastes of the guests were prepared red beer, Brown Ale, beer, dark beer, to meet the needs of different levels and tastes of consumers.

Harbin Shun Cheng stainless steel equipment Co., Ltd., the elite technical personnel, the successful development of fine brewing beer equipment, daily output from 100L to 2000L, such as more than a dozen specifications. The configuration of this kind of product is always in the ranks of the international advanced, craft beer equipment in 2004 April began to put on the market, stable performance, easy to operate, maximally reduced the randomness of manual operation, not only to ensure that the beer brewing quality and pure taste, but also for you to save the unnecessary cost management.

At present, the fine brewing beer equipment with its excellent quality, preferential prices, excellent service has spread all over the country in various cities, so that the Chinese people enjoy the unprecedented German pure whole wheat beer.

Equipment introduction:

1 main body configuration:

The grinding system; the saccharification filtration system; fermentation system; the refrigeration system; water treatment system; control system.

After sales service:

1 guide the installation and commissioning of the equipment and the technical training of the wine maker;

2 provide high-quality raw materials (such as malt, hops and yeast etc.);

3 transfer of new production technology;

4 equipment warranty for one year, life-long maintenance; preferential supply of spare parts.

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