Large UFO fish furnace
Large UFO fish furnace

Unique technology - healthy and delicious - - innovation - environmental protection double side heating operation is simple - fast

Unique design, no smoke smell, double heating, uniform heating, no not coke. The fish in the fish oil and water do not drop onto the charcoal produced large amounts of smoke, so also known for smoke-free grilled furnace. Really make every fish the full range of charcoal, charcoal on both sides also comprehensive baking, roasting heat throughout the fish body 360 degrees no dead! UFO circular furnace is in accordance with the fish a fish, a charcoal order, a full range of charcoal in row. Whether large or small fish UFO furnace, UFO furnace 100% furnace high quality fish, fish. Chamber of humanized intelligent design, the fastest 1-3 days can get started operation, greatly reducing labor costs, a device, just one operation can be completed.

Multilayer insulation - Safety - energy saving furnace - furnace outside the beauty of delicacy

Efficient thermal insulation material, thermal insulation design of flexible, quantity and baking temperature of lattice plus controllable energy saving, more safety. 100% carbon steel material, resistant to 3000 degrees high temperature plate, totally enclosed design with triple insulation, can effectively reduce due to fish around the furnace temperature is too high and lead to the whole restaurant heating, put an end to security risks.

Insulation: charcoal grilled furnace for the pursuit of baked taste of the fish, each fish on both sides will charcoal and baked at high temperature, furnace temperature reached 800 degrees, the furnace body and the furnace door (wall thickness of 10 cm), the internal use of mixed material of high temperature, the temperature outside the height of only 55 degrees.

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