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Minister of Technology

1, have rich experience in mechanical equipment design, engaged in the production and processing of stainless steel equipment;

2, engaged in food, beverage, beer, biological fermentation, medicine, dairy equipment design work experience;

3, skilled use of three-dimensional, two-dimensional design software.

4, engaged in pressure vessel design is preferred

network marketing

1. Proficient in computer science or related major.

2, engaged in the product network sales and telephone and target customer communication

sales manager

1, have the market work experience, have been engaged in the college experiment instrument sales experience is preferred.

2, innovative sales model, with a team of sales is preferred.

3, outgoing, active thinking, active, diligent, self-discipline, eager to success;

4, love sales work, able to work under pressure;

5, there are food and beverage, pharmaceutical production equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection projects, microbial fermentation projects, kitchen equipment and other sales experience is preferred.

Salary: Negotiable

Sales Director

1, proficient in marketing, mechanical related major, innovative sales model.

Three, more than 2 years of food and beverage equipment, energy saving and environmental protection projects, microbial fermentation project related industry experience, more than 3 years of product sales and channel management experience;

3, have a keen sense of the market, strain capacity, leadership and independent ability to develop the market;

4, excellent team building experience, team management ability, good at coordinating the work of the marketing team;


1, college degree or above, major in mechanical processing and design (sheet metal processing)

2, engaged in sheet metal welding, kitchen equipment, food and pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing is preferred;

3, age 25-50 years of age.

Salary: Negotiable

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